Meet Dr. Kenneth D. Johnson, Ph.D.
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Dr. Johnson Dr. Kenneth D. Johnson received a triple major international Ph.D. from Olympian International Sports College in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia in 1989. Dr. Johnson is the fourth person in the history of the school to complete a triple major in international sports medicine - S.M.D., sports nutrition - S.N.D. and oriental medicine - O.M.D. Dr. Johnson was also named a fellow in the college with the following titles: Fellowship of Olympian International Sports Medicine College, Fellowship of Olympian International Sports Nutrition College, Fellowship of Olympian International Oriental Medicine College and Fellowship of Olympian International Sports College.

In 1988 Dr. Johnson was asked to serve on the International Olympian Nutrition Committee for the 1988 Olympics Games in Seoul, Korea. Following the 1988 Olympics Dr. Johnson was appointed Director of Sports Nutrition for the Olympian International Sports Federation at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain.

As a Registered International Orthomolecular Nutritionist since 1989, Dr. Johnson has designed numerous individualized and public health programs for patients and physicians throughout the world.

Recognized internationally as a healer, researcher, author, lecturer and teacher, Dr. Johnson is highly sought after professionally by schools, associations, health care practitioners, physicians and patients worldwide.

We at International Nutrition Consultants, Inc. are proud to have Dr. Johnson teamed with our organization to provide the expertise, vision and passion for the creation of optimal health & vitality for each individual we touch with our company.


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