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The World Needs Nutritionists!

With our flagship course, you can be on your way to a new career in as little as six months. And a rewarding career it will be helping your family, friends and fellow men, women and children live more healthier, vital lives.

Once you have graduated from the course, you are immediately enrolled in our professional assocation of nutrition consultants (the INCA) and will recieve your diploma and registration certificates. 

INCA RegistrationSchool Diploma

Through our web-site we are planning on making  Dr. Johnson available for chats in the near future.  We will also enable all of our graduates to communicate with each other, helping YOU gain greater knowledge to better help your family and if you so desire, the public at large.

INC purchased the School of Nutritional Science in November of 1995 from Dr. James G. Flaherty.  Since then, the school has continued to provide cutting edge nutritional education while maintaining a California State License by the Beureau of Private and Postsecondary Vocation Education. 

This prestigeous course enables an individual the ability to gain foundational nutrition knowledge and information relating to a career in Nutritional Counseling.

This foundational educational course can benefit your career, family, friends and customers, so take a look at our school catalogue for 2003 NOW!

If you are a Multi-Level Marketing Company interested in education for your distributors, we encourage you to read our article featured in Money Maker's Monthly in August 1998.

If you are ready to get started today on your way to a new career as a Registered Nutritional Consultant, just log in to our database enter your information and you'll be guided to our secured e-commerce shopping cart to be on your way.

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